Welcome To Karolina’s State of Mind

The neon girl. The pageant girl. The immigrant. The volunteer. The girl who takes on way too much. These are amongst the few labels I carry with me everywhere I go. Quite frankly, it's a little tough to escape some of these labels once you've built your brand, shared too much on social media about... Continue Reading →

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Social Media Can Wait

If you've been following along, then you'd know I got engaged 11 days ago. And if you haven't.... TADA! I'm engaged 🙂 I felt compelled to write about why we waited to make the announcement and why I highly recommend couples do the same. My fiancĂ© and I decided to wait a few days before... Continue Reading →

A Million Times Yes

In most little girls' dreams, the thought of marriage crosses their minds at some point or another. Of course, I was and am one of those little girls, dreaming of the day my very own Prince Charming would come sweeping me off of my feet. And he came on January 19th, 2018. Although I'm biased,... Continue Reading →

Fueled By Passion… And Hairspray

Three months ago, a hairstylist, a salon and a product changed my life. Yes, that may sound dramatic, but trust me when I say I feel ten times happier and more fabulous, and so does my hair. Before I decided to get Klix, I did my research -- numerous consulting appointments for different types of... Continue Reading →

A His & Hers Kind of Christmas

My boyfriend, Vince, recently bought a beautiful, tall Christmas tree to set up in his living room. It's a 9-foot artificial tree with six different light settings, allowing you to choose from all white light to all multi-color to a rapid switch between the two. It's the perfect mixture for both of our tastes -... Continue Reading →

Belif In The USA

Don't you love play-on words or when you can plug in a brand name into a clichĂ© quote? I sure do! Especially when the company sends you your first #influencer products to use FO' FREE! After poisoning my facial skin for the last three years with heavy duty makeup for pageant-related events, I have said... Continue Reading →

It’s Time We Speak Up

I'm not one to talk about politics, ever. Sure, I can join the band wagon around my family and friends, but I am normally neutral. I guess spending three years being "politically correct" and "silent" about my views outside of the pageant interviews had a little bit of an affect. But something peaked my interest... Continue Reading →

We’re All Thinking It…

Do you believe in chance? I do. Do you believe in everything happening for a reason, as clichĂ© as that sounds? I do. What about doing the right thing, no matter how hard or uncomfortable it might make you? I sure do. Today was one of those days.  I'm the type that typically works her... Continue Reading →

Waldorf Astoria: Shanghai Style

Who run the world? GIRLS. GIRLS. I wish it was girls, BeyoncĂ©. Actually, it's not a who, it's a what that rules today's society. And that what is called branding. In the hotel industry, branding is everything. From the way you are greeted to the way a hotel smells (seriously, pay attention to the scent... Continue Reading →

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