Quick Steps to Dating an Avid Cyclist

Growing up with Lance Armstrong, you'd think I would evolve into a cycling enthusiast, taking the Cleveland Metroparks by storm and participating in every bike race around the country. Instead, I grew up to stand on the sidelines, camera ready in one hand and a nice, cool bottle of water in the other. Now, that... Continue Reading →

8 Things I Learned About China in 8 Days

With every ethnicity comes a stereotype that leads back to its native land and culture. And with every native land come stories of great perks to tourists, specifically American ones. So, you bet your horses I was ready to shop till I dropped, eat funky foods and come home tanner than ever. However, some things... Continue Reading →

Welcome To Karolina’s State of Mind

The neon girl. The pageant girl. The immigrant. The volunteer. The girl who takes on way too much. These are amongst the few labels I carry with me everywhere I go. Quite frankly, it's a little tough to escape some of these labels once you've built your brand, shared too much on social media about... Continue Reading →

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