4 Easy Tricks to Get You Motivated for the Gym

Discipline. It sure is tough to stick to. Especially if your life is jam-packed.

During the last six months, it has been unbelievably difficult motivating myself to get to the gym. I would find every excuse in the book not to go, until I woke up a week ago and realized, “Oh wow, my wedding dress is a little tight on me, perhaps it’s time.”

Of course, that’s not the only reason. I remember during my pageant days, sticking to a regiment helped me eat healthier, push myself in the gym and actually love my body, curves, rolls and all! I have been craving that same feeling for months now, and have felt terrible for not disciplining myself better.

So, here are four easy steps you can adapt today to help get your booty to your workout haven:

1. Workout Clothes: Finding the right fit with a hint of fashion can be challenging – there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in clothes that “promise” support. Try Delmonico apparel – a fashion label that offers style and comfort. I absolutely LOVE how well the leggings fit my curvy lower body, and actually stayed on versus slide off every time I was in the middle of an exercise. Their clothes are also super soft and feature fun prints to make you look fly when you hit the weight room. Let’s be honest, when you look good, you feel good!

2. Hats: I don’t know about you, but I personally love to avoid awkward eye contact at all times. Wearing a baseball cap accomplishes just that, while also narrowing my sight onto myself only aka gets me in the zone! Next time you feel a little nervous to enter a gym and think everyone is looking at you, bust out a badass cap and do you.

3. Find a buddy: Some people prefer to work out alone, so if that’s you, find someone who will at least hold you accountable and drag you to the facility. Once you are there, you can get into your own rhythm and have a killer workout.

4. Measuring success: Personally, I am opposed to scales. There is nothing that number can tell me that I don’t already know. If anything, it just makes you feel worse about yourself and feel like you’re not making progress. My suggestion: measure progress based on what you see and how you feel. Trust me, you will know you have lost some weight when your favorite pair of skinnies feel just right, or when you wake up confident wanting to rock a crop top. No one knows your body better than you do.

Remember, getting to the gym is half the battle. Once you get into your groove, it doesn’t matter what your weight is nor what anyone around you is doing. Discipline yourself to focus on only yourself, your body and mind, and sticking to your goals. What matters most is you LOVE the skin you are in and are proud to lead a healthier lifestyle that encompasses taking pride in self-care and practicing self-love.

Now go get yourself a killer outfit and treat the gym as your runway!




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