The Final Fiesta: Texas Style

It has been a little over two weeks since my bride tribe and I packed our bags, put on our cacti shirts and traveled down to Austin, Texas for my #FinalFiesta. I’m pretty sure all six of us STILL daydream about the tacos.


I mean, what’s not to like?! Great food. Southern hospitality. Guaranteed sunshine. And lack of bach parties bombarding every restaurant and bar in sight.

That’s what I love about Austin. Although I am sure it will turn into “Bach Party” central in a few years, for now, it is a city on the rise that offers the perfect balance between sophistication, relaxation and just plain fun.

If you are a bride or you’re the BFF planning the weekend getaway, here are a few places you should venture out to to ensure your Bachelorette has the time of her life as she waves her freedom goodbye (just kidding, but really):

  • Upstairs at Caroline: Switch out the C for a K and add an A on the end, and we have ourselves my own bar. All jokes aside, this is THE cutest rooftop bar with funky furniture, photogenic walls and the most delicious Happy Hour. Taking the tribe here was and is the perfect way to kick off the weekend without killing your liver just yet.karolinastateofmind_poprocks
The only place I know that puts pop rocks in your drink. Just saying.
  • South Congress: Picture walls. ‘Nuff said.
  • Torchy’s Tacos: Although a chain, the tacos here will hit the spot like no other. Oh, and their queso is out of this world.


  • ATX sign behind Whole Foods: Ideal for all your boujee Instagram needs. It will make you and your gang consider combining all of your savings to invest in your own reality show, “The Real Housewives of Austin.”
  • Rainey Street: No matter how many times I visit ATX, I can’t help but love this strip of little homes turned into a bar filled with fun themes. Not to mention, an immense amount of food trucks line up at 2 AM for all your late night foodie needs. 10/10 would not recommend rushing your selection as you may end up with a lot of hot sauce in your grilled cheese aka will wake up with your mouth still on fire.
  • Cold Cookie Co: I scream. You scream. We all screamed for ice cream. Y’all, this food/ice cream truck made all of my dreams come true and I’m salivating just thinking about the delicious and BEAUTIFUL creation I consumed. Highly recommend.


  • Rent a boat and go out on Lake Austin: After a day of exploring in the heat, you’ll thank yourself for doing this during a heat wave the next day. Enjoy admiring the luxurious homes on the water, a party cove and free floaties from desperate bachelor parties trying to get your hot bridesmaids’ attention. God bless friends who suffer awful pick-up lines for the sake of you getting a picture in a unicorn floatie 🙂


  • West 6th Street: Located downtown and is where you go for a classier night.

Also, if a nice group of gentlemen, celebrating their groom-to-be, puts a bottle of champagne in your hand at a bar with the words, “champagne showers,” take it and doze the groom in it.

With this being my second time visiting the city, I am already planning a trip back. I also want to thank the most amazing friends for putting together THE greatest bachelorette weekend together and for being so thoughtful with all of the decor, monogrammed sun hats and financial generosity. Y’all are my lifeline, and thanks for helping me “kiss the miss goodbye” in the most boujeest of ways.




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  1. Looks so cute! I’m a new blogger so would love if you checked out my blog! x


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