Inside the #Karolina&Co Bridal Shower

I’ve never been the type to swear by Pinterest boards and get really into themes. So when my mom came to me and suggested we do a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed bridal shower, I instantly said no to the overdone idea… Even though I love Audrey Hepburn as much as any other woman.

The one thing we did agree on was the color, “Tiffany Blue.” I am definitely a big teal, turquoise, etc., girl, and thought it added a very elegant feel to the already-established white and gold color palette. As for the rest, I knew my mom lives for event planning and has the most creative eye, so I let her have fun with the planning and surprise me on the day.


And surprise me she did. With the help of our dear family friend, Angela, my bridal shower décor was nothing short of a dream. The modern spin on “Tiffany’s / Tiffany & Co” left everyone in awe of the tasteful, beautiful design – with all of the pieces handmade by Angela – and I’m certainly grateful & impressed with how things turned out.

And with the aesthetically-pleasing Architectural Justice Gallery as our venue, the shower was one of the most magical events I’ve ever experienced. The décor, the center pieces and the floral arrangements perfectly complemented the interior design of the cafe, and the staff provided excellent service, per usual!


If you live in Cleveland and want a big city/European ambiance at your events, AJG is the place for you – their venue is truly out of this world and will take all of your guests’ breaths away. Trust me, I went all over Cleveland in search of a spot and nothing came close to this place. They are also incredibly easy to work with and strive to make all of your visions come to life.

Oh, and did I mention their menu options? Mouth-watering.

Ask for Julie when you call 🙂

In addition to the decoration that is out of “Beauty & The Beast,” the dessert was also top notch and made possible thanks to devoted vendors and buyers. Want to talk about dedication? My bridesmaids drove Jana Lee’s Bakery and Peace, Love, & Little Donuts up from Columbus with personalized to-go bags, the Macaron Tea Room supplied yummy macaroons with mine and Vince’s faces on them, Pacific Sweets created a beautiful chocolate-covered strawberry display and the best of the best, Michael Angelo’s Bakery, baked a masterpiece. We topped if all off with Tiffany Blue-colored champagne!


Although I wasn’t the one planning the special occasion, here are a few suggestions I have for future brides-to-be:

  • Keep the kids in mind. Even if you choose to have an adult-only reception, most of the guests’ daughters should be invited to the shower, so to keep them entertained, designate a spot for a “Kid’s Corner” with fun activities/goodie bags. Or you can invite a balloon artist and Mickey & Minnie like my mom did 🙂CT4B3177-2
  • Ask your bridesmaids to help with hosting duties and games. Mine did a fabulous job of choosing 3-4 activities to entertain the guests with while also giving them a chance to get to know the couple better.  Another great idea is a ‘Date Night’ box where attendees write down date ideas for the couple’s future use!


  • Take pictures of everything. Some of my favorite pictures are those of captured candid moments, and even those of the food and decoration. As a bride, you are bound to miss the little things, so ask one of your friends to play photographer. I’m just fortunate enough to have a wonderful photographer as a dear friend who – out of the kindness of your heart – photographs every aspect of this bridal journey. Please check out Elena Zhuravlenko and hire her for your needs… You won’t be disappointed.
  • Thank your parents, and your guests.  Print out a list of RSVP’d guests and ask someone to write down the gifts by each name. This helps speed up the opening process to avoid boredom for the guests, and it makes writing Thank You cards easier. Remember, wedding planning is a difficult, yet rewarding, journey. Emotions run high, as does the stress, so stop for a moment and enjoy. We are so thankful to have moms, loved ones and friends who care about making this process spectacular and fun for us.





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