The 48-Hour Boston Marathon

I never thought I would be able to relate to Kevin McCallister from Home Alone until my recent trip to Boston. No, it’s not because my parents leave on trips without me or that I have to set up booby traps around my house to ward off two crazy guys. It’s because I have officially mastered the art of seeing major cities in 48 hours or less (although I am certainly not running away from harm as I’m checking off the important destinations). It is time that is my antagonist, not burglars.

Vince and I live by the mentality of “seize the day and the opportunity.” Every time we travel to a new city/country, we treat the time spent there as if it is our last. Think about it. Can you really be 100 percent confident you will come back someday? It’s possible, but not guaranteed, so our #1 travel tip to all adventurers is put on your comfy (but stylish) shoes aka get ready to sprint from place to place and jam pack your daily schedule. Weather is not your friend, so don’t depend on “tomorrow.” Oh, and sleep is for the weak… You can get your full eight hours of sleep back home — seriously, did you just travel across the country or the world to sleep?!


It will come as no surprise this is exactly what we did last weekend while visiting our brother and his wife in Boston, Massachusetts… Except I forgot about the comfort and went all in on the style when it came to my shoes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The best part about the trip? Anthony and Chris are just passionate about sight-seeing and food as we are, even in their own town, so crossing off the Boston Checklist was easier, smoother and much more fun. Whether you’re into architecture and fancy schools, or you simply came for the food, Boston is definitely a one-stop shop for all of the above.

STOP #1: Tatte Bakery & Cafe


A strawberry croissant with a cup of coffee a day, keeps the doctor away (this is why I went into PR and not medicine, oops). This European-inspired cafe was started by an Israeli owner/chef whose ethnic background inspired her passion for bringing beautifully displayed pastries and authentic coffee drinks (sorry, Starbucks), in addition to a full brunch menu. If you love a little kick to your cup of joe, go for their house latte made with honey-halva & cardamom.

With three separate locations, I highly recommend you start off your morning with a trip to Tatte. The atmosphere is enough to make you want to come back to Boston for more.

STOP #2: Row 34


Oysters and rosé. Enough said.

STOP #3: North End


If you don’t know by now or can’t tell by the prominent dark features, Vince’s family is Italian, so of course we made a pit stop in the “Little Italy” of Boston.

I absolutely loved how vibrant the street was, filled with people, music and food at every step. Here, we enjoyed the rooftop bar of Fiore, shopping at an authentic Italian “grocery” store, Salumeria, and cannoli.


Crowded with tourists from all over the world, Mike’s Pastry delivers THE most delicious, jumbo cannoli. With flavors ranging from pistachio (pictured) to amaretto and Oreo, making a trip here is a must.

STOP #4: Newbury Street


If you’re boujee, this is where you go — luxury shopping and cute boutiques. We, however, were more excited about our favorite store (mansion in this case) in the world, Restoration Hardware. Like I said, shopping will not disappoint you here, no matter what you’re looking for.

STOP #5: Casa B

Tired of American cuisine? Spice things up with Latin American inspired dishes at Casa B Restaurant. My favorite part was eating all of the tapas with tiny silverware. Oh, and their avocado ceviche will not disappoint.

STOP #6: Sweet Cheeks


Y’all. Who doesn’t love ribs with homemade BBQ sauce, biscuits the size of your head and mac n’ cheese?! I was blown away by this delicious Southern meal, especially because the biscuits came with honey butter, so the second those carbs hit my mouth, I was in heaven. I’d recommend visiting Sweet Cheeks on your last day… That way, you won’t mind being bloated / stuffed for a few hours on the remainder of your trip.

Boston, your rich history, cultural diversity and breathtaking architecture stole my heart. I hope this guide to how to complete your own quick Boston “marathon” leaves you guys feeling the same.



P.S. If you are looking for a church service, try Mosaic. I can assure you that hearing the gospel while sitting in a synagogue is an experience in itself.


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