36 Hours in Shanghai

When was the last time your flight was delayed by a day, your luggage was lost on another continent and your trip to Shanghai turned into a 36-hour adventure?

If you are prone to bad luck when you travel, congrats, you’ve come to the right place. This blog is here to save you energy, time and frustration by telling you how you, too, can see the most important parts of Shanghai in 36 hours. How’s that for a bucket list?!

Stop #1: Nanjing Road


Dating back to the Qing Dynasty, this ultimate shopping and entertainment district is your go-to for buying traditional Chinese clothing and experiencing modern Chinese culture. It’s lit – no, seriously, every aspect of it is lit up – and is the perfect spot for an evening stroll. You can even take a little trolly ride for a romantic evening, while saving your feet the hell they are about to endure for the next 30 hours 😉

Stop #2: Yang’s – pure deliciousness

IMG_0854While you are here, walk a black or two to THE best dumplings in town: Yang’s Fried Dumpling. You won’t regret it.

Stop #3: Yu Garden


This may be one of the best stops… Built in 1559, and standing strong in the “Old City of Shanghai,” this historic and absolutely stunning garden will leave you breathless if you are a sucker for ancient history, like myself 🙂 From its koi ponds to intricately-designed halls, it’s hard to build that history was made here… 450 years ago!!!

It is also located right in the Yuyuan Tourist Mart, where street vendors attempt to sell you knock-offs, the best quality for souvenirs lives and the most delicious snacks are sizzling in your ears, awaiting to fill your tummy.

Stop #4: Jing’an Temple

IMG_0818First things first, yes, that’s a monk. Second, this is where I channeled my inner Mulan. The 780-year-old buddhist temple houses calligraphy, statues and this wishing well where you can witness natives toss coins up in hopes of landing into the hole.


This is probably the only place you can dress like this as well…

Stop #5: Last, but not least, end your quick adventure with a dinner on the river overlooking the Shanghai skyline at M on the Bund.


Outside of this breathtaking view on the outdoor patio and the grand fine dining experience, there’s not much else to say except make your reservations ASAP because this is a place you don’t want to miss out on.

Whoever tells you you can’t see a big city in a day and a half hasn’t lived life the right way. Hustling is half the fun! Head on over to @karolinastateofmind on the IG for more behind the scenes 🙂



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