Can’t Say “I DO” without You!

Perhaps the most exciting part of the wedding planning process is selecting your bridal party and thinking of creative ways to “propose” to them.

I didn’t even have to exert much brain power on this one – my five best pals are my world and I can’t imagine marrying my better half without them at my side. So that was easy, but doing something new and original was tough… As much as I wanted to get crazy with it, I also wanted to make sure I could make the process easier for them financially versus invest too much into their proposal gift. So, I settled on your typical white girl idea – champagne, fluke, card – with a little twist of Karolina.


I came across the idea of personalizing their LaMarca Prosecco at a bridal expo – the vendor was present, they shared the wealth of knowledge and off I went to their website to create ~free~ custom labels!


The personalized name flukes / glasses are also quite popular right now. If you know anything about me, then you know I like to stand out and be different, even with small details, so instead, I went with actual tall champagne glasses decorated with jewels #boujee


Quite frankly, choosing the MOH(s) was quite tough because ALL FIVE are easily special enough for the role. In selecting the proposal card, again, I wanted something fun and unique, but I also wanted it to be a surprise and build the suspense, so I went with the scratch-offs. FireflyPaperStudio on Etsy is BY FAR the best vendor for such cards. Not only is she fabulous to work with (like accidentally ordering the wrong ones and she still made sure I got what I wanted), but her cards ship fast and she has a bunch of fun sayings.


Of course, the Type A in me desired to stick with the champagne theme so I chose the “pop the champagne, I’m changing my last name” cards 🙂


I am the kind of friend that instantly cries if my friends cry, and quite honestly, I’m not the best with emotions, so I decided to mail these babies to my friends and wait for their FaceTime calls. I didn’t want the ugly brown mail package to be the first impression they had of what’s to come, and I wanted every part of the gift to be utilized, so I thought these storage boxes were the perfect fit – closet, office, living room decor!

And so, the final product – which resulted in so many tears (of joy) ended up being a hit and fit quite nicely with our wedding theme, but that’s another story for another time 🙂

It was so great that even my Maid of Honor’s kitty (and my “niece”), Monroe, loved it.

P.S. Etsy is your best friend for these kinds of things. Use it well!




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