With a Venue, Along Came the Date

Picture your six-year-old self. Remember going to the ice cream shop on a hot, summer day and coming up to the vendor with exuberant energy, practically bouncing off of the walls because you couldn’t wait to get Cookie Dough on top of Superman with a dash of sprinkles? Oh, and the moment your world came crashing down because your parent said you can only get one scoop? How in the world are you supposed to choose just one out of so many delicious and tempting flavors? Well, picking a venue is just like that.

I grew up in a very modern household. I’ve witnessed bright orange walls change to lime green and yellow, experienced the discomfort of aesthetically-pleasing couches and couldn’t touch anything without having to bust out the Windex to clean the glass. So, it only made sense that I would place the modern venues at the top of the list and work my way down to more historic places. Boy, was I wrong.

The Renaissance Hotel – one of the oldest / historic buildings in Cleveland – was our third stop, and I knew the second I walked in this was it. Located in the heart of the city in Public Square with a connection to the Terminal Tower, the hotel is smack dab in the middle of all of the trendiest spots, making it even better for our guests to enjoy #TheLand. While we have attended some of the most beautiful weddings held in rustic or industrial venues and looked at those ourselves, something felt so right about the Renaissance — it was different.

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From the grand chandeliers to the intricate golden railings to the satin fabrics, the resemblance of the exquisite Victorian Era made me fall in love. Plus, I’m a sucker for magnificent art work, like the high murals accompanying the architectural design.

Our cocktail hour will take place in a private section of the lobby.


Featuring a marble fountain in the middle, the lobby area embodies more of this luxurious, “royal” aesthetic with detailed ceilings, drapes and furniture. I am also a sucker for arches — the gold accents worked into the build makes the room feel like you have time-traveled to the 1500s, awaiting the arrival of Queen Elizabeth I in her “high-fashion for the era” gowns.

Aside from our coordinator, Jen Gleba, the (second) best part about the Renaissance is its unique ballroom options. All three are beautiful in their own ways, but the Ambassador Ballroom simply called our names.

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An additional feature my heart melted for was the built-in wall design. I remember traveling to Germany with my mom a few years back, where we visited the Nymphenburg Palace, admiring the attention to detail architects possessed back in the day. I specifically recall breaking the rules and taking a picture of the walls and the high ceilings, telling Victoria I can picture the princes and princesses, queens and kings, roaming in their elegant clothes with me at their side.

That is the exact feeling I experienced with our ceremony and reception ballroom, and the entire hotel itself. I cannot wait to marry my own Prince Charming in such a timeless, regal venue and dance the night away as we begin our first chapter of our own lovely fairy tale.



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  1. olivialapish says:

    Gorgeous venue & spectacular location!


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