Be the Sunshine Mixed with a Little Hurricane

Did you wake up this morning feeling like you can conquer the world? Okay, maybe not the world, but definitely your job or your kids or whatever lies ahead… I know I did after watching the Golden Globes. #Oprah4President2020

It wasn’t her speech that fueled my motivation for today, but rather, her delivery and her remarkable track record. Oprah first came into many of our hearts through television, offering heart-wrenching yet inspirational stories from personable characters. Since then, she continues to inspire us with numerous humanitarian projects.

The conviction in her voice and the strength her words conveyed made adrenaline run through my veins. Her delivery reminded me that it’s not the stature of a person that gives words power, but rather, the way an(y) individual says them. Being respected and heard takes practice, dedication, drive, passion and organization. So, if you’re looking to be a #BossLady just like Oprah, here are my tips for you to wake up feeling like a Goddess every day.


BUY A PLANNER. While there’s nothing wrong with the typical Lily Pulitzer planner, your goal is to not be like most girls, especially in a professional setting.

My favorite is the Passion Planner: I really appreciate the weekly schedule being broken up by each hour because I’m someone that very much thinks in 60-minute segments, but I also like having the monthly calendar as well, which the planner offers. It also offers self reflection with it’s “roadmaps” and awareness questions.

If you walk into a meeting with one of these, you are bound to impress. Be different.

INSPIRATIONAL NOTEPADS & STICKY NOTES. I have a horrible habit of being a perfectionist, which means my mind runs faster than my refrigerator and I need constant reminders of things I need to accomplish. You just never know when you need to tune your creative genius in and brainstorm like crazy. So, in addition to a planner, I like stickies, too.

While planners are great for keeping you on track, notepads can be a great way of keeping you aware of tasks you need to accomplish for the day. I currently use ones with “Boss Lady” and fashion icons on it, but here’s one that you can buy similar to!

INVEST IN A QUALITY AND PRACTICAL TOTE. As women, we can’t resist not purchasing the newest “hot” purse. I know you want the new Cheetah print Michael Kors or the latest seasonal themed Kate Spade, but do you really want to look into your closet a year from now and regret purchasing something that no longer matches your style nor the trends nor can it hold everything? The answer is no.

DSC_3912My advice is if you can afford it, invest in a luxury brand (Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc). Not only will it never go out of style, but it will last due to its build. I use this Prada tote that has that “bossy boxy” shape, plenty of space for my laptop and folders.

Pro tip: If the purse can’t fully close with a laptop in it, it’s too small.

EMERGENCY KITS. Whether it’s in your car, your office or your purse, always carry a change of shoes into something more dressier and boss-like AND makeup. While I don’t recommend you come to work with a full face of makeup on like you would for a Friday night out, it never hurts to keep an emergency makeup bag with you to freshen up before a big meeting or a big surprise event.

I like to use the Dior travel pouch — “dress” to impress and it comes with miniature beauty goodies when you purchase one.

PLAN AHEAD. If you’re anything like me and you struggle to get up on those early mornings, then plan your outfit out and pack your bag the night prior to. Not only do I feel good about my outfit choices the next day, but I also don’t feel like I have forgotten anything. When you’re a #LadyBoss, you often tend to multi-task and be in a rush, so why not save yourself the stress by planning ahead?

This one applies to big projects or new job positions as well. Everything you do makes a statement, so if you take the time to prepare yourself, you will quickly score #GirlBoss points by impressing your bosses and earning trust & accountability from your teammates/coworkers.

BE THE SUNSHINE MIXED WITH A LITTLE HURRICANE. And, of course, in order to be successful one must always bring a little bit of spice. Dream big. Speak up. Stay hungry. Praise God. And always walk into a room like you are ready to #SLAY.




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