A His & Hers Kind of Christmas

My boyfriend, Vince, recently bought a beautiful, tall Christmas tree to set up in his living room. It’s a 9-foot artificial tree with six different light settings, allowing you to choose from all white light to all multi-color to a rapid switch between the two. It’s the perfect mixture for both of our tastes – I enjoy simplicity and Vince enjoys an array of color.

Phew! Cross that off our list. But when it comes to ornaments, we have a very differing view on how the tree should be decorated.

As women, we often love sparkly, intricate ornaments that scream “Hi, I’m feminine.” We also have trust issues when it comes to allowing our men to decorate on their own — let’s be honest, they just won’t get the job done the way we envision.

My solution to you:

Step 1: Decide on a mutual theme / color – ours ended up being peacock themed with lots of lighter blues.

Step 2: Prepare your bank account – it may be depleting if you have fine taste

Step 3: Go shopping for a few statement ornaments together – my favorite store for such is Pier 1

Step 4: Always ask for his opinion – it shows you care and respect his tastes

We settled with a color scheme of whites, silver, blues and a touch of green. Since he already owned a few peacock ornaments and I have a personal connection to peacocks in my family (no, not a type of individual – my grandma raises the breed), it was easy to compromise on what comes next.

IMG_6928This stunning all-white peacock clipPier 1

IMG_6921Blue and green leaf clipPier 1

IMG_6922Silver and pearl top hat with a white featherPier 1

IMG_6924Turquoise flower leaflet Pier 1

IMG_6925One of my favorites, a chandelier design on an all-white ornament — Costco {comes in an assortment of 9}

IMG_6929Crystal peacock ornamentVince’s Mom {priceless}

IMG_6927Silver hummingbird — Costco

IMG_6926Another intricate (painted) blue peacock ornamentVince’s Mom 🙂

We finished off our tree with white, silver and gold wrapping paper and golden bows with ornament clips to complete the look. This tasteful palette and decor scheme not only works in any household with any type/color of a tree, but it is also unisex, allowing both you and your beau to meet in the middle.

So cuddle up by the tree, light the fire place and enjoy your spectacular creation that didn’t break the bank yet still looks like it’s from a magazine.


Merry Christmas,





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