Waldorf Astoria: Shanghai Style

Who run the world? GIRLS. GIRLS. I wish it was girls, Beyoncé. Actually, it’s not a who, it’s a what that rules today’s society.

And that what is called branding.

In the hotel industry, branding is everything. From the way you are greeted to the way a hotel smells (seriously, pay attention to the scent next time you stay at the same brand name in two different cities) to the interior design of your room to the rustic, old-school elevators, hotels make a name for themselves based on experience and aesthetic.

Especially the Waldorf. Not Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl fans.


A global brand, anything is possible with the Waldorf Astoria, and I mean, ANYTHING.  “The difficult immediately, the impossible takes a few moments longer,” is considered the hotel motto.

Take it from my personal experience. With our luggage lost, I arrived to Shanghai with no clothes, no hair products, no razor and no cute shoes. Ladies, you know shoes always make the outfit. Although I was devastated, I knew I had to make due without those things and figure a way out to make the most of my once-in-a-lifetime experience, even with frizzy hair and the same pair of ripped Zara jeans. The concierge must have overheard me talking because within minutes of entering our hotel room, the necessities I was missing had arrived.

IMG_2097Long story short, the Waldorf Astoria, located in The Bund, exceeded all expectations. After spending years of fantasizing about glamorous hotel rooms, my dream finally became a reality when I walked into a two-part room. I actually felt like Blair for a hot sec.

In the sitting room, we were greeted by a baby-blue love seat, an espresso station and our first bathroom with heated toilet seats. You know I couldn’t resist trying out the Toto toilet with an installed bidet (don’t do it, kids).

IMG_1732Through the second pair of doors was our bedroom. There, we found a beautiful artisan armchair, a walk-in closet and a touchpad used to jumpstart the automated lights, temperature and curtains. I felt like I was on set of Marie Antoinette.

Through the third and final set of mirror doors was our master bath. Of course, Toto 2.0 was there accompanied by toilet paper held in a drawstring bag decorated with the intertwined initials “WA.”IMG_2096

Salvatore Ferragamo toiletries were on a pedestal by the jacuzzi bath tub, and the marble shower took you all the way back to Ancient Rome, making  you feel like you were in a luxurious bath house with Julius Caesar.

FullSizeRenderMy favorite part was the bathroom mirror. In it was a television, and I mean literally the TV was in the mirror and I could see my reflection, which I used to keep up with world news while getting ready in the mornings. Okay, let’s be honest, I watched E! all morning, catching up on my celebrity gossip. Can ya blame a girl!?

As with most hotels, the Waldorf included a fitness and spa center, which we indulged in thanks to my mother advising us to pack our swimsuits in our carry-on (thanks, mom)! This spot was unlike any other. The bathrooms provided both men and women with a sauna. The pool area looked more like a sophisticated version of FWD night club. And after walking around in our little Chinese sandals, we discovered a beautiful, indoor hot tub that changes colors depending on the temperature. I absolutely loved it.IMG_2098So, next time you plan a trip somewhere, #treatyoself and spend a night or two in a brand-name hotel. It will not only enhance your experience, but will help you feel one step closer to royalty 😉





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