Why Bike Tours Are Incredible at Branding

As a follow-up from this past month of races, I wanted to share with y’all how well bike tours appeal to non-riders. I’ve enjoyed coming back to indulge in the free goodies and the fun, but next year, I just might have to ride.


Every year, I rummage through the goodie bags my boyfriend receives, in search of something valuable to me. Like delicious snacks or cute t-shirts. And each year, I become even more impressed with the organization of the events themselves. From opening ceremonies filled with music to the post-ride food and drinks, the coordinators for #VeloSano and #Pelotonia sure know what they’re doing. Especially Pelotonia. Let’s talk about that.

Ahhh… Branding. From the bright green forward arrow to the social media hashtags, Pelotonia does a remarkable job of ensuring recognition statewide and beyond. Open your Instagram right now and search #EndCancer and #OneGoal. Told ya.


And their opening ceremonies. Man, they essentially take over downtown Columbus with their live music, deliciously healthy foods, vendor tents, etc., attracting thousands of  participants and their families.

If you’re anything like me – a musician and a fanatic of genre fusions – you would have an immense amount of appreciation for the line-ups the bike tour provides. With last year’s main performance brought to you by Coleman Hell, Pelotonia set the bar high for 2017. This year, yet again, Pelotonia’s main act proved to be a crowd favorite. The featured act was Cris Cab, who was initially discovered by the creative genius, Pharrell, so you know this guy is good. I tend to fill up my Apple Library with under-appreciated and rising artists, so thanks to the event coordinators for adding a new favorite to my iTunes last year, and for allowing me to meet one of my favorites this year. Whoever you are, you are a rockstar.


In addition to great marketing and awesome taste in music, Pelotonia also manages to negotiate their own line of Bath & Body Works products, like the hand sanitizer with their #OneGoal motto. Not to mention the “Coconut Shea Butter” lotion leaves my hands feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


And last but not least, the snacks. You bet your horses I grabbed one or two or five of the Clif’s “Pizza Margherita” energy food. Yes, because it said pizza on it. In all seriousness, Pelotonia brings in generous vendors who give out all of the on-the-go snacks for free to the riders – something myself and my cycling boyfriend truly appreciate. Hey, I get hungry waiting for him to cross the finish line, too.

Thank the volunteers, the coordinators, the riders. It takes a village to make an event like Pelotonia and VeloSano happen. So, next time you attend a bike race, pay attention to their new slogans, t-shirt designs and sponsored goodies. Take a moment to enjoy the music and the food. I promise you will leave thoroughly impressed yourself.




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