I Won’t Cry: My Mascara is Too Expensive


Now, I would be lying if I said I indulge in luxury brands when it comes to my face. I actually prefer to poison my facial skin with your everyday brands found at your local CVS – I am a broke college kid after all. However, there are two times in the year where Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent find their way into my makeup bag: Christmas and birthdays.

I’m actually sitting here cracking up as I write this because I’m not even entirely sure how old the two Dior mascaras in my cosmetics bag are. If I had to guess, probably at least a year.

That’s right, makeup artists. I don’t repurchase my mascara every three months. Instead, I put myself at risk for pink eye and only use my branded mascaras for special occasions. Only because the nicer ones save me the hassle of glueing my eyes shut from attempting to put on fake eyelashes for volume and length.

But this post isn’t about your regular, boring black mascara. It’s about the color blue.

A few years ago, I came across a beautiful blue tube of L’Oréal “Million Lashes” mascara.


And yes, it looked and felt just as magical as the picture above. However, the two tubes I bought because of the “Big One, Get One 50% Off” deal were nowhere to be found once I ran out. That’s when I hinted to my mom to finally let me into the #BigGirlClub (aka become a luxury brands consumer) at the ripe age of 17 by purchasing a Dior mascara for me.

My first ever high-end beauty product. After the “Addict It-Lash” discontinued their blue mascara – an unfortunate five minutes when I walked into the store, money in hand, ready to make my lashes pop, and walked away with nothing – I switched over to Diorshow “Pro Blue.”


Dior never seems to fail a woman. It doesn’t clump, the brush is soft and it has a light touch of a refreshing scent. Plus, I view Dior as more of a younger female brand, when you’re slowly establishing yourself in the world but want the top dogs to take you seriously. Chanel is for when you become the Editor-In-Chief of Vogue 😉

Next came Yves Saint Laurent. Try saying that with a French accent 10 times.


For a smaller brush, it sure is powerful. Within two strokes, your lashes instantly grow – just as the name promises. The YSL “Effet Faux Cils” or “false lashes effect” is light on the scent and the touch, and the gold/rose gold tube makes for a great addition to your purse for a fancy night out. Seriously, how can you not want to buy it just for the gorgeous external appearance alone!?

Since then, I went on to expand my horizons and indulge in blue eyeliner. My favorite one has to be the electric “Fancy Blue” liquid liner from the Sephora Collection. Bright, different and affordable. Their “Sailor Kiss – Matte Navy Blue” liner is also fabulous if you’re going for a more tamed look with a hint of sassy.


See, Keith Urban, you might think blue “ain’t my color,” but I beg to differ. Even when the makeup gods try to stop me from wearing blue eye makeup by discontinuing certain lines.



P.S. Thanks to every “Auntie” and my parents for contributing their funds towards my blue mascara obsession the last five years – I wouldn’t have been able to afford it without your gift cards.


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